What is a Get The Picture LIVE photobooth?

The traditional photo booth is a fantastic idea but it is limited to a few people.  The live photobooth is a modern update and has become the must-have addition for any wedding reception, party, school formal, hens or bucks do, or corporate function.  The live photo booth has a real live photographer encouraging your guests to make fools of themselves using silly props.  It offers studio lighting that will make everyone look fabulous.  It has enough room for all of your friends to fit into one picture and it can be set up just about anywhere!  The background and props are completely customisable and there are no limits to the amount of photos.  The silly and spontaneous shots that come out of the Live photobooth will leave you grinning for years.  This is not a “stand there and smile” situation! It’s all about having fun with your family and friends.

How do we set it up?

Well, basically we set up a small studio with a backdrop, lights, umbrellas – just what you would envision when you think of a set for a photo shoot.    All we need is an indoor space about 12’ by 12’ (4 metres x 4 metres), access to electricity and a table to set up the props.

How does it work?

You walk up, a real live photographer holding a professional DSLR camera helps you to look your cutest and snaps off a bunch of photos.   You look through the photos and transfer them directly to your phone, ipad etc. straight away.  You can share the photos with each other via text, Facebook, Instagram, - anyway you want – the choice is yours.

What happens after your event?

We upload all of your pictures to an online password protected gallery.  We will send you an email with a link to your gallery.  You and your guests are able to see (and laugh at) all of the photos taken at your event.   About 7 days after your function, you will receive a DVD of all of the images from your event.  These will be full resolution and not watermarked in any way. 


Why is a Get The Picture Live Photobooth better than a static freestanding booth?

  1. Good lighting – a professional light setup is the difference between good and great pictures
  2. More space – you aren’t limited to squishing two or three people into a little space – you will be able to fit lots of friends in the photo
  3. Real photographer – someone who can coax great natural smiles and silliness out of you and your guests!
  4. Backdrops and theming customised to your function – you can choose the backdrop from our Library or we can make one to suit your event.

What do you get for your money?

  1. A professional photographer
  2. Unlimited photos downloaded straight to your phone or smart device – you can view them, share them on Facebook, text them to each other, whatever you want really.
  3. Props.  We will bring along an assortment of stuff to bring the silly out in anyone.
  4. Web Hosting.    We know that you and your guests will want to see a recap of the entire evening!   We will put all of the images from your event online in a password protected gallery for 30 days.
  5. All the images!   About 7 days after your function, you will receive a DVD of all of the images from your event.  These will be full resolution and not watermarked in any way. 
  6. The most fun and laughter you have had in years!